We Offer a Seamless, Efficient, Cost-effective Tool

We Train Educators

Educators learn about the science behind each learning objective and how to best use Wisdom innovative digital and physical games to reinforce and sustain what they strive to teach on a day-to-day basis

We Ensure Seamless Integration to the Teaching Curriculum

Tell us your constraints and we will customize Wisdom sessions for smooth integration to any of your classes: SEL, PSHE, yoga class, study of the body, art class, social studies, community works, flipped classroom, after-school programs etc.

We Offer Time Efficient Tools

Our carefully designed 15-session program allows students to cover the Wisdom pedagogical progression. Each session requires no more than 50min (10 min playing the tablet-based game ; 40 min playing group physical games)

We Provide Ongoing Sustained Learning

Our package of digital and physical games are a great way to keep children engaged throughout the school-year and to make emotional intelligence fun!

We Propose a Fully Inclusive Pricing Policy

Our pricing consists in a yearly subscription per student. It includes:

- for educators: personalized training, a teachers' manual, continuous support, access to  a community of educators sharing best practices on Wisdom, access to scientific research

- the Wisdom - Kingdom of Anger app with 10 digital games, 5 levels of play and 1 animation

- for each class: sets of cards, posters, coloring sheets and puzzles