Our strong Game Design principles are in keeping with the way children's brains learn

  • Focus: our games are broken down into 15 sessions, each with a clear and single learning objective without any distractions from the learning task

  • Learning through active play: we ensure the player can't win the game just by randomly tapping anywhere. We keep players engaged thanks to adaptive learning: depending on the player's performance, our game automatically adapts to provide the most appropriate level of difficulty to the player (each game includes 5 levels of difficulty)

  • Immediate feedback: our games provide a safe space for trial and error. In case a wrong answer is selected, hints are given to the player to encourage him to try again instead of penalizing him and creating unnecessary stress. Each answer triggers visual and audio feedback

  • Consolidating knowledge: during each session, skills acquired in the app are transferred to real life. Throughout the different sessions, the player must reinvest what he previously learned in the pedagogical progression. Visual cues are provided to foster understanding and memorization

Read Professor Stanislas Dehaene's findings on brain learning processes